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Stainzer Flascherlzug

The Stainzer Flascherlzug (literally Bottletrain) is a highly interesting attraction in the Schilcherland. It attracts over 20,000 passengers every year. If this fact is not enough to convince you to visit, here are more highlights:

You my have heard many things about the “Bottletrain of Stainz”, so we would also like to tell you the history of it. In the years 1866-1935 the mysterious doctor “Höllerhansl” was pracising medicine in Rachling. It was told that he was able to find out different illnesses by analysing peoples urine. That’s why people came by train, of course with bottles of their urine in their handbags, to have it checked by the doctor “Höllerhansl”. Therefore the train is called “Bottletrain”.

Four of the coloured waggons got their names because there has been a connection with “Höllerhansl” earlier on. One is called “Höllerhansl”, another one “Bergliesl”. Bergliesl has been a famous woman in Stainz who collected herbs for medicine. The name “Kräuterwagerl” is also connected to that story. In the blue waggon, which is called “Schilcherschaukel”, you can get typical Styrian refreshments during the train ride. 

Discover the Schilcherland during an enjoyable trip with the legendary Stainzer Flascherlzug from Stainz to Preding and back.

Exciting programme for children: Children are entertained during the ride. Either they have the possibility to get their faces painted during sheduled trip or they can enjoy a magic show by the witches Trixika, Bibi Cucurbita or Pipi Ringelstrumpf. Otherwise there is Trainfairy Franziska who runs the 'game stations' of the Knax Club Rallye' where every child wins!

Programme for children: each sunday from 15.00 - 17.00 pm. 




return ticket one way ticket
Adults 17,00 17,00
Children 7,00 7,00
Groups /from 15 up 16,00 16,00